Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zombie Mobbers: We've Been Found Out!

Zombie Mobbers: Prepare for a battle royale of undead proportions!

University Bookstore's Blog

Actually, the folks at the bookstore are being super-cool about their impending doom. So take it easy on their cranial nether-regions.

Me Love Brains, I say!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Zombies are Coming, the Zombies are Coming!

Ambling through an unsuspecting city of succulent, meaty brains--our numbers large, our visage fearsome--we foist ourselves into large crowds and feast upon their shock, awe and, of course, their brains.

Our cranial matter cravings are unrelenting and we will not stop until we are fully sated. Some day, our guttural moans and outstretched hands will outnumber those of the terrified living.

Join us.

The next feast is scheduled for Monday, July 28 at 7:18 PM at the University Bookstore (4326 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105). [Map]
Let us know you will join the brain-stuffing bonanza by signing-up for the newsletter.

We have heard rumors that a rather juicy brain, its meaty folds overflowing with fancy words that have appeared in books, will be at our feeding location at around the same time. It would be such a shame if she got caught up in the fray. Such a shame indeed.

Feeding time should be both satisfying and fun for all. To that end, here are the rules:

- Please arrive already zombified at the feed spot a few minutes early. Our powers are that much more terror-inducing and devastating when we mob in large numbers all at once.

- Feed psychically. Our powers are so great that there is NEVER a need to touch the unsuspecting. Keep your decomposing, un-dead hands to your self. Yes, terrorize. No, touch.

- Should our victims appear to be truly terrified, graze elsewhere. We may be the walking dead, but we know our manners and know when to move onto greener pastures (i.e. ease up on the mind-numbing terror thing when you know some one's freaked to the core).

- We are an elite, dignified core of zombies. We do not destroy, deface, or in any way break laws. We break brains, not laws.

- We arrive, do what feeding needs to be done, and then leave. Loitering is beneath us. Our only aim is to stagger mindlessly into an unsuspecting crowd (aka The Refrigerator), devour tasty morsels of brain, and leave to rest in a tryptophan coma until we rise again, somewhere in the city, to fill our bellies with mind over matter.

- Your zombie gear should include clothing you wouldn't mind getting a bit of brain and other matter on. Should you require zombie accouterments, visit your local thrift or costume store (e.g. Buffalo Exchange, Northwest Costume).